Sunday, 18 November 2012

MAKEUP::Orange- Brown eyemakeup tutorial

This eye makeup is ideal for the day for both work and college, its a light smokey look and yet very neutral.

Step 1: Apply concealer and after that primer around your eyes
Step 2: Apply orange eyeshadow along the eyelids
Step 3: Apply dark brown shade at the ends and blend it.Make it darker and even along the crease. There should be a shaded effect where the orange and brown eye shadows blend.
Step 4: Apply a pearly white color below the eyebrows and inside corner of the eyes.

Step 5: Apply liquid eyeliner(gel eyeliner) along the upper eyelids and put kajal (kohl) or gel eyeliner in the waterline.
Step 6: Put on some mascara and you get a neutral subtle look for the day time.You can add fake eyelashes too for more dramatic look.

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