Sunday, 3 June 2012


I really like Johnson's baby products because of their smell, divine. I dont know why i got this as i have lots of face cream in my cupboard left unused. And also i wonder why do a baby needs a cream. Here small babies like me( i mean when i was young) were bathed after applying olive oil or coconut milk. That is natural and good for baby.Anyways i got this when i had a really sensitive skin this summer.The product says"contains a unique combination of natural milk extract and vit A and E. With double nourishment, this product helps replenish moisture to leave skin baby soft.Contains rich emoilinets and added moisturizers  helps to give skin an immediate moisture boost.

My Perception:

The product has blue flip open cap. The cream is really soft and delicate and smells sweet like a baby.

It is not for oily skin. This is for dry skin. During those monthly visitor times my skin behaves unpleasantly. Sudden appearance of red patches or acne. I use this milk cream on such days when my skin need moisture yet any other cream will  lead to breakouts. This cream does not leave skin oily, will absorb really well.

 It gives my skin a glow from inside. I love this cream, and i am using this as my night cream+ under eye cream.


Today am gonna review on Pears fresh renewal face wash.Actually am totally obsessed with face washes. As daily cleansing is a great way to keep your skin fresh and new, hunt for super face wash never ends.Okay, now lets get into the review. The product Pears Fresh renewal face wash (ultra mild).

For normal skin:

contains gentle exfoliating beads and cooling crystals
deep cleans and washes dead skin cells
fresh and renewed skin
100% soap free
use twice daily for best results

My Perception:

I have been using a lot of face washes for years. Out of that this one is the second face wash with gentle exfoliating beads. First on was lakme fruit blast. To say about the face wash, its pretty good. This does not dries out skin, but opens and make pores around the nose area bigger. It is gel type and flip open cap. The blue colored exfoliating beads also works well. But i found it make my skin not so smooth looking for first two days. But made as usual later.

        The smell is so awful, actually it smelled like surf excel. I hated this smell. But i felt like different smell on later days.
Anyways i discontinued use after some days, just because i found that pears soap as well as face wash make us 'addicted' to it. If we continue using it, then after days any other cleanser will make us breakout. My friend swear upon it but she cant use any other branded soap or face wash on her face as that will break her out.
The face wash is okie type, will give exfoliation and cleanses gently. But let me say am paranoid.

Make it: your own skin care wipes at home

We all know what is a skin care wipe. This soft cottony tissues will make our skin fresh and cleans and is very handy while traveling.To know more importance of this you should ask to an oily skinned beauty.
Skin care wipes are a bit costly, and if you are not able to afford this why do you worry we can make it at home.

Things you'll need:

Essential oil
tissue paper

Make it:

Now take a bowl or any flat vessel. Add some cleanser of any sort. I've used Himalaya cleansing milk. Add 3 to 4 drops of any essential oil like lavender oil, almond oil etc:- Add enough water and mix well.The solution should be dissolved well. The proportion of cleanser and water can be adjusted as your wish. Now place as many tissues as you want into the vessel.

The tissue i ve been using is this.This will not tear easily. Allow the tissue to soak and absorb the solution well.Now take the tissues and keep it in a cover to seal the moisture.If you want you can add the astringent as well.

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