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Hello Ladies.......

Here comes recipes for some skin and hair care , which is the substitutes for costly cosmetic products. These things can be made at home, and can use without the fear for chemicals and are  from those valuable advice given by my grandmother.
This article is dedicated for YOU guys, who like herbal products........

Hair care::::


Things needed:

  • fenugreek
  • egg white
  • Lemon juice

 Put fenugreek in water for one day. It will be a bit bigger and turgid the next day. Grind it in mixer and make it into a paste. Mix this with egg white and lemon juice(1tablespoon).
USe this once a week to make sleeky healthy hair.


Things needed:

  • Eggs
  • gooseberry
  • Honey
  • Tea powder

 Break two eggs and dry it in sun.When it is completely dry rub it. You will get power. Mix this with  gooseberry juice and two tablespoons of honey. MAke this into a paste.
Boil water and add one small pinch of tea powder to water when boiling. Sieve this, you will get tea without milk, right? mix this 'tea water' with the paste. USe this as conditioner after applying shampoo.


Things needed:

  • OIL( coconut, olive oil etc:-)
  • Aloe vera
  • Gooseberry powder
  • mehandi powder

Boil oil in a open vessel. TAke jelly part of aloe vera. When the oil is boiling put this into the water content of aloe vera is gone. This is to preserve oil. Now add gooseberry powder and mehandi powder. to it. after 5 minutes cool it and keep it in a bottle. use this before taking bath, by applying it for 5 minutes in the scalp.

Skin Care:::::::


Things needed:
  • Almond
  • honey
  • glycerin
  • eggwhite
  • orange juice
  • Oatmeal
  • Vitamin A capsule


Grind 5 or 6 almonds along with oatmeal. Mix it with 2 teaspoons of honey and orange juice. make this into a paste.Keep this for 5 minutes in refrigerator. Now take it out and mix glycerin and vit A capsule. Blend completely and apply it on face. Keep this for 25 minutes and wash it off with cold water.


Things needed:

  • Lemon juice
  • Oat meal

Take oatmeal in a small bowl.mix lemon juice with it.Apply the mix in face .wash it with cold water after 20 min
Massage with a moisturizer

Things needed:

  • Fullers earth
  • Rose water
  • Glycerin
  • Milk

Recipe: Mix the ingredients and apply whenever wanted. Scrub for hands and legs is Baking soda. Add baking soda and milk to  warm water and keep leg dipped in it to make remove callous from your feet. Use a pumice to rub it.


Things needed:
  • Cucumber
  • Glycerin
  • milk
  • water

Recipe: Take 1 cup cucumber juice, 1/2 cup of milk. Add 1 teaspoon glycerin and water as needed. Keep this mix in refrigerator And use whenever needed. Can be used for a week .


Things needed:

  • Aleo vera
  • Honey
  • Almond oil


Take aloe vera juice and add almond oil to it. Mix it well, so that it stays blended. add 2 or 3 drops of honey.

 As a final  note the best,
  1. Cleanser: Milk
  2. Toner: Rose water or tomato juice which is available at home.

Will see you soon

Take care...........Stay gorgeous guys.

Love,mia <3


I want my face to be clear, without any marks or spots. And i know everybody wants that. Without any age difference, both teens and middle aged individuals want their beauty to be admired. We have so much cosmetics and beauty products for help like bleach, lotions,creams,packs etcetra. But these chemicals have side effects. Then what about keeping your beauty naturally? Ya, we can take things from our kitchen shelf to make our own beauty parlors at home and without side effects or harmful chemicals.


Let see about Milk, which  is a good cleanser. This natural drink is a complete diet  which contain proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids. Take a table spoon of milk  and massage in that pretty face of yours. wash your face with cold water or wipe it. you will know the difference. YOur face will be clean,smooth and clear, and will have a pretty shine.Now its clear why in olden days, queens where bathing in milk, right guys? To make your face glow,

  • Take a carrot and milk
  • juice it in mixer
  • apply it on face
  • wash it after 15 minutes

i bet you will notice the difference.


Curd, which is a dairy product is used to prevent dark spots. Curd after applying to face, allow it to dry. Continue this for one week, you will notice the change that your acne spots starts to vanish visibly. an alternative for this is mix curd with small pea powder, it is a good scrub,cleanser and prevents white heads. Curd can be used to prevent dandruff too. massage curd to the scalp, wash after 20 minutes, which will reduce dandruff.


Potato helps to reduce wrinkles and age spots, and helps to reduce acne marks. To reduce blemishes in your face...
  • Take s1 tablespoon of potato juice and  tomato juice
  • mix it and add 2 drops of olive oil
  • apply this to face and wait for 15 min
  • wash with cold water and ice your face

 to your surprise, after a week, unwanted marks on your face will be reduced. Potato also helps to reduce dark circles, cut 2 thin slices of potato and
keep it on your eyes. this will make dark circles to disappear and eyes gleaming.


Cucumber is a good toner. We all know that it can reduce dark circles, and make eyes cool. Cucumber can be used to reduce sunburns on your face.
  • Take a tablespoon of lemon juice
  • mix it with a table spoon of cucumber juice
  • Apply it after coming out from the sun

Sunburns will be reduced, and keep your face fairer.


As we all know tomato juice is a good toner and cleanser.This is good for dry skins, which will make it supple and soft. This helps to reduce large pores in your face, helps to maintain elasticity of your face. Helps to reduce wrinkles and tightens the facial skin.


Lemon is a damn good bleach. It can be applied to reduce spots on the skin, and helps to make your face fairer.
To make bleach at home:

  • Take oatmeal in a small bowl
  • mix lemon juice with it
  • Apply the mix in face
  • wash it with cold water after 20 min
  • Massage with a moisturizer

Lemon can be applied directly or indirectly. But the citric acid may not be good for sensitive skin. It helps in oil control for oily skin.Lemon can be applied to face or any part of the body, which will make the part fairer and clearer, and can be used by mixing it with water, milk, curd. Helps to reduce oil, and hence acne. acne spots or marks, blemishes can be reduced by applying lemon juice. Can be used for pedicure and manicure. Skin will become red after applying lemon juice directly and that natural effect caused due to citric acid.


Almonds provide small amounts of protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and B vitamins and are high in fat. They are awesome for skin care when taken inside or applied out. hence they are used in making cosmetic products. Almond oil which is extracted from almonds are good for hair and skin.

When i started  using almond oil for my hair, my hair fall reduced. i massaged scalp with 'Bajaj almond drops' every night before going to bed.

This made my scalp feel better. Then one day, after scrubbing, i  massaged my face with this. I have really dry skin type, yet this made my skin supple and glow. Almond oil have high absorbing power. I put two drops of almond oil on my eye pencil and lipstick, making it smoother and spread evenly. Almond oil will make lips reddish.
Thats the end of this article, meet you soon with another......

Take care ....STAY GORGEOUS

love, mia <3

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