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Review on two bathing bars-Dove and Camay

As you all know how much bathing is important in our life, to keep mind and body refreshed. Is there anything which make you fresh duirng the moring than water sprinkling from your shower. You all may have used or is using shower gels for royal baths yet
today am gonna review on two bathing bars...............
  • Dove
  • Camay

DOVE- Bathing bar

 Dove, my friends recommended it for me......I have dry skin ( i know am saying it over and over), i was using JOHNSON AND JOHNSON  baby soap. As its too mild and  says it will make skin softer, i fEll for that words..

key ingredients:
sodium cocoyl isethionate,stearic acid, sodium palmitate,water, lauric acid, sodium isethionate, sodium stearater, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium palm kernelate, perfume, sodium chloride, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, glycerin, tetra sodium EDTA,etidronic acid, citric acid.

Price,Rs 38/- for 75 g


Here is the whole story of beautiful skin in one word. Moisture . Now you know why dove created 1/4 moisturizing cream and put into a beauty bar.


To say my opinion about the product, its not satisfactory. Of course my friend's skin is really soft, and i dont know why, it is not suiting me. THis makes my skin soft for just after the bath, but after that my skin is too dry with that white patches ( which irritates me) and i need extra moisturizer for my whole body. I have other bathing bars which helps to keep my body soft and not too dry out there, so am opting that, saying a big NO to this product. Another demerit of this product it dont last for just 1 month, it just dissolve with water. But it has such an elegant smell that it makes my room smelling fresh when i come after bathing.  For face its really really good, gives that shine of moisture. But will give you pimples or may be even a breakout. I THINK THE PRODUCT IS GOOD FOR OILY TO NORMAL SKIN. And sensitive skin too. But not for dry ones.


At last i've got a bathing bar which suits my skin. I got this from a 'duty -paid' shop, where i get those imported things.The product CAMAY  is from Procter and gamble company, who is famous for PANTENE shampoo, which is the best. It dont have anything written on the product, or is in other language. i couldnt get it, am sorry.

Ingredients: Sodium Palmate,Sodium palm kernelate,Tapioca starch,water,glycerin,Titanium Dioxide,Fragnance,Palm kernel acid,sodium chloride,Disodium Distyrylbiphenyl Disulphonate.

Manufactured by
: Procter and Gamble company Phils. Inc.,Light and Industry Science park,Diezmo,Cabuyao,Laguna,Philippines.Imported by:Procter and Gamble  (singapore(800-18-60018),Malaysia(1-800-88-3957))

Usually bathing bars give me that white patches of dry skin all over my body especially on my legs, which cause itching and irritation. This is because my skin is too dry to keep the moisture.
Even though for this i can use moisturizers and body lotion, bathing bars also should contribute something for this, right? I' ve used so many products of toilet soaps, but only two soaps came to my satisfaction, JOHNSON AND JOHNSON BABY SOAP AND THIS CAMAY. To use a baby soap to do prevents from drying but nothing other than that, and i feel so unsatisfied with the cleaning effect and  Of course thats because adults have rougher skin compared to babes. I was searching for a perfect soap, and i got this.

To say about the product, its white in color, and has a smell of wild jasmine, its enchanting .......ufffff. Then its a big one,can last for 3 months and more with daily use. It has good foaming ability, and has a creamy foam.
After bathing it make skin glow and smell too last longer, even without using perfumes. ITs really mild yet, so good. Skin is soft and smooth. I just want to use a moisturizer just to make shiny.
To say about the product in one word, 'wow'.I liked there logo too, its highly feminine.

I think you can mail them at:
Or call at 08-38225721or 08-38227265


  1. Me Love dis.... Since i too suffer from dry skin...i realli loved to hear from som1 helpin me out in dis... :)

    Thanks again...

    Will surely try Camay ... :)

  2. hey join the club yaar,i very dry skin....... the thing i luv about camay is the smell :*

    Share your xperience tooo :)

  3. Thanks for shearing information. Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the superb work!
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  4. For me, Dove is better than Camay. It’s very moisturizing and it makes my skin smooth!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  5. Thanks for the Valueable comments : Coz I hd been thinking very enthusiastically about the camay products, somehow got an excellent review keep it up buddy! !!!

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  7. Thanks for the information. Please suggest me the best best soap for glowing skin that can nourish my skin during summers.

  8. Refreshing Cleansing Milk
    Refreshing Cleansing Milk is designed to clean the skin from dirt and excess make-up, leaving it soft and ready to absorb moisture and nutrients.
    Deep cleanses, clarifies and refreshes.

  9. Yes this is such a cool product. Quality quantity both are good. Mine is oily skin. My skin is so good with this Camay.


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