Thursday, 8 December 2011

Things you should do soon after you get up:

You should do:

  • Again brush your teeth
  • Wash your face to remove cream or moisturizers
  • Take a shower which will make you fresh

  • Do some warming ups
  • Take a glass of water the first thing in the morning
  • Look your face in the mirror and feel happy
  • Think positive things which will make your mood good
  • Try to hear your favorite music gives a positive aura.

  • Think that its another day to enjoy your life with friends and family

You should not do:

  • Sitting lazily
  • Not brushing your teeth
  • Going out without having a shower
  • Drinking alcohol
  • smoking as the first thing in the morning
  • Thinking negative
  • Eating junk food as breakfast

Things you should do before going to bed

Before going to bed:

Things you should do

  • brush your teeth
  • Try to take a shower before going to bed
  • wash your legs before getting to bed
  • cleanse your face and remove all the make up

  • apply a night cream or nourishing cream
  • tie your hair away from face,clip all those side bangs
  • for long hair oil your hair on scalp and at the ends
  • moisturize your hands and legs
  • apply lip balm
  • clean your nails and put cuticle oil on your nails
  • Eat food at least 2 hours before going to bed
  • Drink two glass of water, on with a spoon of honey in it. Make your face glow

  • Relax your mind either by praying or by thinking positive things about tomorrow

Things your should not do:

  • sleep with make up on
  • sleeping with hair loose
  • Getting into bed without washing your legs
  • Not brushing your teeth
  • Drinking alcohol before going to bed
  • Eating food and jumping on to bed
  • Forgetting to drink water
  • Not moisturizing face you will get a dull face the next day

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