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Asepta-Anti aging solutions

 Asepta Botanical lifting ampoules box of 12


To say about the product it has immediate and lasting lifting effect. Contains an exotic plant extract known for its botox-like effect, Pro Vit B5 & bio-polymer of almond and plant proteins.
  •     Immediate result on dull & tired skin, expression lines and fine lines.
  •     Skin looks smoother and younger looking.

    Key Ingredients
  1.     Plant Amcella Oleracea: relaxing
  2.     Bio-polymer of almond + plant proteins: smoothing
  3.     ProVitamin B5: Energizing
  4.     Skin Concerns
  5.     Anti-Ageing & sagging

    How to Use

        Open the ampoule and pour half of the liquid on palm.
        Apply over face and neck.
        Let it set in and then apply remaining half on the more demanding areas of fine lines and wrinkles.
        Apply the moisturiser or make-up over this.

Asepta Non-Stop Lifting Fluid

Price: Rs.1400

    Gives an 8-hour lifting effect and increases skin luminosity thanks to the Mother of Pearl in it.
An immediate smoothing effect of fine lines is observed within 5 mins of application.For tired skin with fine lines and wrinkles, lack of firmness and radiance. Contains bio-polymer of almond & wheat protein, grape seed oil, plant extract and microspheres with correcting effect on wrinkles.
  •     Acts on fine lines and deeper lines.
  •     Can be used all year long with or without day cream.

    Key Ingredients

    Natural Bio-polymer of Almonds and wheat protein: makes a supple,continuous and elastic film which visibly smoothes the skin and renders a stretched effect

    Grape seeds, plant Imperata Cylindrica: moisturises wrinkle conceal & skin beautification active ingredients: microspheres get settled in hollow of wrinkles and create an optical vision of concealing wrinkles and skin imperfections Soft focus powders: the Mother of Pearl catches and spreads the light.
Prevents sagging of skin.

    How to Use

        Apply 2 pumps to cleansed face and allow to set.
        Then cream or make-up can be applied over this.

EVERYUTH -lemon face wash

Hello ladies:

You all must have read reviews on the very same face wash,I know. But i cannot resist writing a review because this is a face wash which have satisfied me until now. I like trying out various face washes, and have used almost all drugstore face washes.I dont believe in spending so much bucks in face wash,but should have a decent one for a decent price. I use a cleanser too :) Anyways let me get into the review.

You can see the common features of this face wash in piccies.

So here is my opinion on the face wash. This face wash comes in a yellow tube packing with yellow flip open cap. The face wash is gel type and colorless and have a very sweet smell say citrusy smell.
Actually i dont know what is my skin type. Duhh, i know ridiculous.But my skin behaves differently in each season and i cannot stick to one product. And another thing is that sometimes i feel like i have a combination skin type and they say combination skin should stick to one product because it will be sensitive. I had dry skin in my teen age. Really dry, but i thought it was a boon actually. I had no breakouts or acne then. But now my skin has changed in my late teen age and at present i have kind of oily skin+ combination skin+ acne prone skin + sensitive skin. Actually my skin changed after when i used POND'S WHITE BEAUTY recommended by friend vidya. God. after that i started having shiny face and breakouts.

This face wash helped me from all that.I used this for 3 months and the result was

Fairer skin( may be due to lemon)
No breakouts
Normal skin
No shiny face

But one of the bad effect is it makes ksin a little strechy. But i was ready for that.After all i wont have any breakouts or oiliness on face.

Now i  use AYUR TEA TREE OIL FACE WASH for acne prone and oily skin.I am not sure that using such products will make our skin oily or not. Anyways i have breakouts under control. Yet i want to try new face washes.

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