Friday, 7 December 2012

TAKE CARE:: winter skin care

The winter, the time where each and every nook and corner is full of white snow, of  course its wonderful to see around, but your skin and hair will suffer  the cold leading to damage. Damage? Yes, damage occurs to your hair and skin in that cold wind, which lacks humidity. You can feel your skin stretching and your hair frizzy if you have dry skin and hair. So we must protect ourselves from this. Here are some tips for that.


  •       Apply moisturizer according to your skin type, for dry skin go for thick moisturizers like Vaseline cocoa glow or total moisture, if you have oily skin then go for thin water based moisturizers like Banjara's almond and kesar intense moisturizer or Himalaya’s moisturizer. For normal skin you can have any moisturizer of your choice, like Parachute coconut milk moisturizer, for a cheaper option Ayur cocoa butter moisturizing lotion.   
  • Take slow bathe so that water get absorbed to skin. Put drops of milk or essential oil like almond oil, lavender mist even coconut oil to lock in the moisture and keep the skin soft. 
  •   Have an oil massage once a week to improve blood circulation. This also relieves stress. Take coconut oil in a bowl and heat it a little bit. Massage it into the skin all over the body and wait for half an hour. Take a bath after that.
  •    Apply Vaseline to your feet and hands and put on socks to retain moisture. And apply lip balm lavishly before going to sleep. Scrub your lips with your tooth brush after you finish brushing. This will be more easier way as the lips will be soaked then with water. You can also make lip scrub by just mixing sugar and honey. Sugar helps to get rid of dead skin cell while honey moisturizes.
  •   Take bubble bath whenever possible. Don’t forget to have your favorite body lotion treat too. Yeah I know because of the cold outside we are more tempted to use hot water, but use warm water for the sake your skin’s elasticity.
  • Scrub your skin with a loofah or body scrubs to keep it shining.
  •  Drink water, yeah, heard it so many times and we all are lazy. But it work wonders ask the celebrities, I may say.
  •    Lets do oats magic. After you take bath with body soap take a bit oatmeal or oatmeal powder mix it with water and simple rub all over your body wait for 5 minutes or just massage a little bit. You skin will be smooth all day long. Yeah, it’s a bit yucky, and don’t smell good, but cover it with you sweet smelling body lotion. Its worth it.


The hair is more prone to breakage this season. The cold winds will take its toll on your hair.

1)    Increase the interval between two successive shampooing rituals. That is, if you use to shampoo once in two days make it once in 6 days. IF you shampoo once a week, make it once 12 days and so on. For curly hair beauties you skip shampooing and use conditioners alone which will do cleansing and keep your hair good state.
2)    Use leave in conditioner before leaving your home even if its just stepping to your balcony.
3)    Do oil massage with coconut oil or olive oil to make your hair retain the shine. You can also try henna treatments.
4)    Put on a protein mask twice a week as your hair is prone to breakage at this time of the year.
5)    Split ends are so common this time, use curd on your hair at beginning stages and trimming treatments for longer split ends.
6)    Try plaiting your hair when going out or a messy bun. But don’t leave it to the winds and you may regret afterwards.

So keep the beat going, and let the winters make you happy
Ciao, and meet  you with another post xoxo

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