Saturday, 8 October 2011

AYUR HERBALS-Body Care Lotion( With cocoa butter) review

We have a small shop here, where we get all types of skin cosmetics. Went there to buy something new as my body lotion is completely finished. I was using POND'S body lotion. I was satisfied with it, but you know using same body lotion over and over , you will definitely get bored. So thinking of picking up something else, i saw this lotion. i was expecting something with cocoa butter, so bought it.


AYUR HERBALS-Body Care Lotion( With cocoa butter) daily skin care- pH balance-For that smooth skin.
Cocoa butter has been used for centuries by native women from all the world to soften and soothe dry skin. This extra rich moisturizer maintains the natural moisture balance. Its smooth creamy ingredients leave the skin looking and feeling velvety smooth to the touch and is great for normal to dry skin.

Directions for use: Use daily on your body for a soft and youthful appearance.
Price: Rs 50/- for 100 ml

: Aqua,PArafinum,liquidum,glycerin,CCTG, Emulsifying wax,gms,cocoa butter,   aloe vera extract, cetyl alcohol,bees wax,tinovis ADM,Dimethicon, Vitamin E,EDTA,TEA,imidurea, Methyl paraben,Propyl paraben,color , fragnance.


This bottle is a transparent one. We can see the white milk textured lotion in it. The quality of bottle is not satisfactory. It has a brown flip open cap. The body lotion is not so heavy or not so watery too.
ITs correct for a body lotion though. ITs not good for really dry areas like elbows or knees, but exceptionally ordinary. IT makes my skin velvety and not at all oily. ITs makes skin soft and smooth to touch. ( Must say irresistible to touch).

It last for more than 7 hours unless washed. One of the worst part of this body lotion is that, it has a awful smell at the 'absorption period'. That is, the smell is a bit strong yet good when we apply it. But after applying it for the next 5 minutes the smell becomes too strong. I must rather say its 'uff cant bear it' type of smell. But after 10 minutes or so, it will turn into a mild sweet smell. Anyways am not going to apply it on my face, as it contains so much ( those names are too scary) chemicals and paraben too.

  • Give good results
  • reasonably price
  • Good for each penny spent
  • Gives velvety skin
  • No oily traces
  • Cocoa butter
  • Pleasant smell ( after sometime)


  • Awful smell
  • Paraben
  • PAcking is not good.

Hope you liked it.........

Will meet your soon with another beauty solution 


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