Wednesday, 26 October 2011

vicco turmeric- wso skin cream ( ayurvedic medicine)

On the pack:
 Vicco turmeric WSO an ayurvedic medicine prevents and cures skin infections,boils, pimples and acne.It helps to cure wounds and burns.It nourishes the skin,helps to cure wounds and burns.It nourishes the skin, improve tonal value and makes it fair and beautiful.


Extract of turmeric: 12%
Excipients: stearic acid 15%, sorbitol 3%, methyl paraben sodium 0.15%, propyl paraben sodium 0.05%,
sodium hydroxide 0.07%, Water q.s

MRP: Rs.25/-

My Perception:

I must say this product is a boon for the those beautiful ladies who suffer from unending acne or pimple attack. But you must be very careful before using, if it is ok for your skin it will do miracle or else its just another product which makes your skin to breakout. so be careful while you take a risk, after all there is no worry in giving it a try, its is really cheap comparing with other acne treating creams.  It has an ayurvedic smell, must say sandal + turmeric smell.

I came to know about this cream from my aunt who started using this from her teen age. She is around 36 now, so you can guess the age of this cream from now. It contains turmeric, and may be because of that it has a pale yellow colored cream. You can see that in the picture.
I am really careful about the breakout ,yet sometimes dunno why it comes, ADULT ACNE. I am 20 now, say late teen age. And i have three types of acne or pimples ( actually i dont know which category it should be put in)

1) First one comes with the monthly visitor ( you know what), may be because of the hormonal changes. It comes and stays for a week and then goes, unless disturbed it never gives a mark on the face, soo harmless. ( yet it is irritating as my friends know its time when these pimples arise)
2) Second one is so tiny that it is barely visible as it has the same color of the skin..... It is not itchy or anything, but it is so ugly to see, feels like a disease or something.It comes and is like it never goes. Never leaves a skin mark.
3) third is I think adult acne......IT comes and styas there even the pimple became small i feel like something is hidden under my skin as a small ball. I feel so sad touching it. IT leaves mark over my skin even it is not disturbed.
Horrible, i know.   

This cream is so good that it helps to get rid of all these types of acne, yet it takes 2 or 3 days. It contains paraben .Availability is a problem, in the pack its  written 'for sale in Inida,Mauritius and SAARC countries.'

Summurize the goods and bads

  • A boon if it is effective ( i have dry skin)
  • REally cheap
  • Fights all types of acne
  • Ayurvedic smell
  • Even the blemishes and acne marks get reduced with time.

  • If it is not effective on your skin it gives a breakout
  • Paraben
  • Availability

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