Sunday, 30 December 2012


 Hey ,  i  like and follow ur blog..... i m 24 and i having acne scars and also tiny pimples . my scars are 1 -2 months old and i have oily skin. so could you please suggest me home remedies like face packs or masks to reduce the scars......also which vicco product can i try vicco turmeric or wso which to be used for oily skin.
good to know you follow my blog, really thank you for your support.i know how hard to have an oily skin as i own it during summer, thats the time when i have non ending pimples attack.
 before you get rid of scars you should get rid of those pimples.
For that
 eat healthy non sugary food, have  curd in your diet, keep away your hair from face, try neutrogena or clean and clear products according to your budget. i must say vicco turmeric cream is not for oily skinned beauties. scars take different time according to the pigmentation intensity it have.

Here are some remedies for scars.
  • scrub weekly twice, once if you have sensitive skin
  • apply aloe vera juice to those scars daily preferably at night
  • if you are lazy like me try aloe vera gel from natures essence, its worth the buy
  • apply sandalwood paste on the scars daily
  • milk and curd are also have the same effect yet it takes more time.
  • tomato juice and cucumber juice together will make your skin glow with clear complexion
  • sunscreen dont help to get rid of scars, but it helps protect the skin from sun exposure and there by intensify scar pigmentation.
  • apply lemon juice or orange juice for sensitive skin to get rid scars faster. be careful with this step as lemon juice is stronger acid.
  • have antioxidant rich food like pomegranate,beetroot, tomato,onions,corn etc:-

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