Sunday, 22 April 2012


Ya, thats right you can do a smokey eye makeup with just kajal.Today i brought LAKME KAJAL.So thought of doing this.Things you will need

1)Any kajal of your choice (I've taken Lakme supreme kajal and Eyetex kajal)
2)Q tip

Now prepare your eyes with primer or concealer if you want. I haven't done that so please ignore my oily face and tired eyes, i was just home after a shopping. And also my uneven brows and horrifying eyes.
Draw the kajal in your  waterline and smudge a little.Be careful that you apply evenly to lower lash line.

Apply a thin line on the eyelids near to lash line.

Now draw a "V' on the outer coner of eyelids.And its time to blend that "v".Take the Q tip and blend nicely to crease. Keep in mind that Dont take kajal fully in Q tip while blending, especially from the outer corners. Dont bring the shade to inner corners too.

You will get something like in the picture. Now The portion marked in red line should be filled nicely.Apply a bit of kajal to that portion slowly.Its better to draw a line.Take the other end of Q tip and Blend it to eye lid area. Never bring the kajal shades to inner corner that will make your eyes look shallow.

For a last touch up apply white eye shadows in the inner corners of eye and below  the brow line.
The last picture is,

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