Sunday, 23 October 2011

Festival special...

Deewali is here and every one wants to look gorgeous and special. And to catch the limelight is a dream.To make this dream come true lets take care about some things and go yo.

Taking care include hair care, hand and legs care, face and dressing style.

 To start with hair care, it is recommended to have a ' hair- spa'. this will also helps to clean up dandruff.It will make your hair sleeky and shiny, which you always wanted. Or else just shampoo and condition your hair. Use a anti frizz serum before you style your hair, or use a hair spray after wards, so that your hair stay beautiful for a long time. Pick up a hair accessory with stone to decorate your hair, so that you will be unique.

Do pedicure and manicure for your hands and legs. Try waxing too(you can use veet waxing strips at home). 

To do manicure and pedicure at home...,
Put some baking soda, rose water, honey , shampoo and salt in warm water and dip your hands or legs in this for 30 minutes. Baking soda is to remove hard callus, and it is optional for hands. Use a pumice stone to remove hard and dead skin cells and moisturize. Put nail paint of your same color. YOu can use artificial nails on you hands too.

Facial treatments for your face will do better and just run to parlors. But this should have been started a week before ot get the effect fully. If You haven't started just try this
cleanse your face with a face wash or cleansing cream
Use a toner now. Natural toners like rose water or tomato juice will do good too.
Massage your face with any essential oils including almond oil or olive oil.Remove this after 10 minutes.
Now go for a face pack or mask
But doing each step should have atleast 15 minutes gap. I you are so lazy like me for instant result use EVERYUTH GOLDEN GLOW PEEL OFF. But be careful about the breakout, if it doesnot suits you dont use it, dont take such a risk now.

Dressing style:
On such a festival occasion fo for classic wears like saree or salwar. This will help you catching attention of both any age.If you  are wearing a saree use a 'fish cut' under skirt, it will help you to show you hour glass figure. And keeping an opening at the right side will help you to move with ease. Take much care about your neck if your are wearing any kind of pretty jewellery.

Make up:
Make up include face make up and body makeup. Nude make up is the latest trend. If you think it will suit,dont just stand there thinking   go for it.
while doing a Facial makeup Use color lasting eye shadows and lip color, Using lip gloss rather than lip sticks will give you face a pretty shine. Picking the right shades for you should be done with care. MAke up your eyes according to your eye shape. Try to have a natural look, NUDE  make up will help you to have it.


Now a days body make up is as important as facial make up. It will help you get attention to your well toned figure. Body makeup should begin before you put on your dress.Start by keeping your hair up. If you are wearing a saree or salwar make up you neck, back shoulders and hands. If you are wearing a skirt or three fourth you should make up your legs too.

Buying cosmetics according to your skin tone and type is really important. If you have oily skin use water based makeup or if you have dry skin use oily makeup.

Neck and shoulder:

Start with wiping your neck and shoulders with cleansing milk. Then use a toner. After that massage with any protection cream and wait till it get absorbed. If you have any unwanted scares or black spots use a concealer.Now use a compact over it.After this you can free your hair and style it.

Hands and legs:

HAnds and legs should be waxed and pedicured or manicured before hand.Same makeup goes for hands and legs. Use a moisturizer in palms and foot. USe a latex sponge to put on the makeup.

Remember to remove the makeup before going to sleep. Wipe with cotton balls diped in cleanser and use moisturizer later.

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