Thursday, 13 October 2011

CALM THOSE PALMS.......Hand care special

Have you really thought about the works we are doing with our hands daily? Ya its a quite long list. Apart from those who go to parlors once a week, each and everyone of us need care for our hands. Obviously, all of us are busy too.... So what about a solution for this?

ITs a horrifying fact that aging signs are first seen in your hands. And who dont want hands which catch one's eyes.........which are soft smooth and rosy.Now your can pamper your hands at home.

  • use lemon juice and salt to remove stains, dyes or pigments in your hands.
  • If your have really rough hands use a pumice stone to massage in circular motion before going to bed. This will make your hands soft
  • For those soft hands you have seen in ads or parlors, use vinegar and tomato juice to massage once a week.
  • Take a half banana and a tea spoon tea (LOL) and apply it to get rid of sunspots and sunburns.
  • For rosy hands massage with aloe vera juice and table spoon milk.
  • Want sexy hands? Do this- Take a carrot and juice it. Mix it with milk and sieve. This has a 'refrigerator life' of 1 week. Apply this before going out.
  • Massage with olive oil to increase the strength of nails and make your nails pink.
  • Applying honey + glycerin to make your hand look healthier with that glow.
  • If you have any crack in your nails, apply VITAMIN E tablets and massage daily.

  • Keep your nails without nail color or nail enamel at least once a month.

  • Dip your hands in warm water for 15 minutes(so that blood circulation will be increased) and apply moisturizer daily before going to bed.                             

                                      Your hands will be ready for next great day.

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