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Hello Ladies.......

Here comes recipes for some skin and hair care , which is the substitutes for costly cosmetic products. These things can be made at home, and can use without the fear for chemicals and are  from those valuable advice given by my grandmother.
This article is dedicated for YOU guys, who like herbal products........

Hair care::::


Things needed:

  • fenugreek
  • egg white
  • Lemon juice

 Put fenugreek in water for one day. It will be a bit bigger and turgid the next day. Grind it in mixer and make it into a paste. Mix this with egg white and lemon juice(1tablespoon).
USe this once a week to make sleeky healthy hair.


Things needed:

  • Eggs
  • gooseberry
  • Honey
  • Tea powder

 Break two eggs and dry it in sun.When it is completely dry rub it. You will get power. Mix this with  gooseberry juice and two tablespoons of honey. MAke this into a paste.
Boil water and add one small pinch of tea powder to water when boiling. Sieve this, you will get tea without milk, right? mix this 'tea water' with the paste. USe this as conditioner after applying shampoo.


Things needed:

  • OIL( coconut, olive oil etc:-)
  • Aloe vera
  • Gooseberry powder
  • mehandi powder

Boil oil in a open vessel. TAke jelly part of aloe vera. When the oil is boiling put this into the water content of aloe vera is gone. This is to preserve oil. Now add gooseberry powder and mehandi powder. to it. after 5 minutes cool it and keep it in a bottle. use this before taking bath, by applying it for 5 minutes in the scalp.

Skin Care:::::::


Things needed:
  • Almond
  • honey
  • glycerin
  • eggwhite
  • orange juice
  • Oatmeal
  • Vitamin A capsule


Grind 5 or 6 almonds along with oatmeal. Mix it with 2 teaspoons of honey and orange juice. make this into a paste.Keep this for 5 minutes in refrigerator. Now take it out and mix glycerin and vit A capsule. Blend completely and apply it on face. Keep this for 25 minutes and wash it off with cold water.


Things needed:

  • Lemon juice
  • Oat meal

Take oatmeal in a small bowl.mix lemon juice with it.Apply the mix in face .wash it with cold water after 20 min
Massage with a moisturizer

Things needed:

  • Fullers earth
  • Rose water
  • Glycerin
  • Milk

Recipe: Mix the ingredients and apply whenever wanted. Scrub for hands and legs is Baking soda. Add baking soda and milk to  warm water and keep leg dipped in it to make remove callous from your feet. Use a pumice to rub it.


Things needed:
  • Cucumber
  • Glycerin
  • milk
  • water

Recipe: Take 1 cup cucumber juice, 1/2 cup of milk. Add 1 teaspoon glycerin and water as needed. Keep this mix in refrigerator And use whenever needed. Can be used for a week .


Things needed:

  • Aleo vera
  • Honey
  • Almond oil


Take aloe vera juice and add almond oil to it. Mix it well, so that it stays blended. add 2 or 3 drops of honey.

 As a final  note the best,
  1. Cleanser: Milk
  2. Toner: Rose water or tomato juice which is available at home.

Will see you soon

Take care...........Stay gorgeous guys.

Love,mia <3

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