Monday, 25 June 2012


Ya, its rain around you, with the cool breeze and tiny droplets on face, rain is sweet when staying indoors. But with those official life, you just cant sit at home. So by having some extra care for your skin this monsoon, stay protected.


As there is humid climate in monsoon, the chances of getting a fungal infection. So clean your face as soon as you get up in the morning and as you reach home. Your skin will be sensitive and sometimes oily. So use a mild cleanser and which takes oil and dirt. Use cleansers like neutrogena and clean and clear which keep acne causing bacteria at the bay. For body use a anti bacterial soap.

If you are trying this for the first time, try to purchase a small quantity say clean and clear for Rs 15, small bottle.After cleansing never rub your skin, pat it dry. Try to wash towel each day or you will have skin irritation and break out.


The chances of accumulation of dead skin cells are more in this season. This can cause dull skin and pigmentation. So scrub away them, but not too harsh.Use scrub suitable for skin. This will help to have a fresh face.Use a loofah for you body too.


Toning keeps your pores closed and your facial skin safe.It depends on your skin type.If a toner irritaes you don't use it. Use a astringent for the purpose.I personally dot like toners. If you want to use, use an alcohol free toner or natural toners like tomato juice or rose water.


If you dont like any other skin  treatment said above except cleansing( which is a must),just moisturize your skin. Dont go for thick moisturizers, but take light, water based moisturizers.  If you want to use a normal moisturizer i suggest clean and clear oil free moisturizer or simply lacto calamine for oily and combination skin. For dry ksin or normal skin go for Johnson and Johnson baby cream or himalaya. If you want to continue using your moisturizer you can.
                            Caking you face with make up will give a breakout, try to have more natural look. Using a SPF is must even if its not sunny. Try Neutrogena ultra sheer as a light sunscreen. Want a tinted moisturizer, go for lotus brands or ponds age miracle which are tinted and contains spf.

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