Tuesday, 20 March 2012

HOT summer care for you

Ohhhhh god!!!! ITs so hot in here.The sun is like angry at us... My sun ban has gone with the sweat. And I am like sitting in a an oven.Summer is here with all its beauty issues. Just stay 15 minutes in sun and you will get sun burned. So here are some tips for you to fight summer heat.

After returning home from hot sun, wash your face and ohter exposed body with cool water. And apply yogurt(curd) in that place and allow it to dry. And just forget about any skin damage.

For face give a ice cube massage returning home,before that wash you face to remove oil and dirt. This will get rid of that pimples coming out in this summer.

Then some usual tips everyone say
  • Use a sunscreen with minimum 30 spf and also with wide broad spectrum.
  • Cover your hair with a scarf or use an umbrella otherwise your hair will have split ends
  • To get rid of split ends after cutting your hair rub some lemon juice in the ends.
  • Its better to use a sunblock for face
  • Wash your body two times a day 
  • Drink plenty of water( of course i know, we are lazy) Yet for our sweet skin.
  • Use lemon drops in water tot get rid of body odors
  • Oil your hair once a week to make you scalp cool
  • Keep a lip balm always with you and apply regularly
  • For those who have oily skin use a cleanser to remove dirt and oil.

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