Thursday, 22 March 2012

Care for your sexy lips

YOu must be thinking now,"my ways" Ya you do have a sexy lips, but you never found those in your face. So here are some tips for you to make your lips look good. Like your face your lips too should be
  1. cleansed
  2. scrubbed
  3. moisturized
Go get these from your kitchen shelf to get a beauty lips.

Things you will need:

 amla powder
coffee powder
milk and milk skin
Your favourite lip balm too

Make a paste of amla powder,sugar and a bit milk. Apply it in your lips. Wait for 1 minute. Now scrub your lips with the same mix.You know amla is a good scrub and also make your lips get redden.

Step 2:
Take coffee and milk skin,mix it and allow it on your lips for 20 minutes.As there is milk skin, it wont get completely dry. This step is going to be a bit bitter,because of coffee.Wash it of completely after. The natural chemicals in coffee makes your lips look fuller, reduce lines.

Step 3:
Apply your favorite lip balm, and do it every night. Your lips will be softer and smoother like never before.

When ever you go out, apply lip your lip balm under your lip stick or lip gloss or whatever.Never skip this step.

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