Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Lets see my routine skin care and ok, total skin care of all seasons. To begin with let me start with my skin type. From various skin determining tests I got the result that I have a normal skin, yet my skin type changes from season to season. Usually during monsoon or rainy season I have really oily skin, that I have pimples more in this season, during winter I have dry skin and in summer I have dry skin during day time and afternoon I have oily skin. Even though I have these “ combinations” of skin types its not that extent so my skin care regimen is not that tiresome.:)

Daily care:

The daily skin care I do to my skin is that cleansing and moisturizing. I now use Everyuth lemon face wash for winter but its leave my skin stretchy sometimes. But it is solved by using a moisturizer. I like this face wash as it removes my pimples to an extent and makes my face bright for the day. For body I use Camay soap daily. Even though I have dry skin I don't like a oily look on my face, so I use clean and clear oil free moisturizer and Himalaya sun screen with spf 15. I use Ayur almond nourishing cream as night cream( which I will review shortly). I take care to tie my hair away from face at night and change my pillow covers and bed sheets twice a week. I avoid touching my face during day and night. I am always very careful while using a facial product , and OMG because of all this I never get a breakout. Except for one or two pimples once in two months.


Even though I never believe in toning daily. I will use a toner once a week before putting on a face pack. Rose water is my toner.

I use Himalaya neem face pack for getting rid of pimples and for enriching my skin I use DIY face packs at home. Honey face pack is my favorite as it moisturize my skin and leave it supple.
I also use curd(yogurt) on my face. I use milk and oats pack to make my skin brighter and also use lemon as a bleach.I use ice massage to reduce my pore lengths .

I use both 'buy and use' scrubs from shops and also home made scrubs. Nature essence apricot scrub is my favorite. I never used St.Ives scrub which is still in my wish list. I use amla powder (indian gooseberry) on my face as a natural scrub.

I will try to have a hot oil massage at winter to make my skin happy :). I mix drops of almond oil and milk to make my skin supple. I use Pond's daily body lotion for my body( and also Ayur body lotion when I get bored) + Vaseline 24 hours moisturizer for hands and feet.

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