Tuesday, 10 January 2012



In this session am going to cover my hair care tips with you from daily care to weekly and monthly care.

Daily care:

I bath daily as I sweat a lot and I feel irritated like my head is heating up. I oil my hair according to the season. Now it is winter so I use oil almost daily. If I am not in the mood of oiling I will apply almond oil in the scalp before going to bed and will do a small massage. I will braid my hair because that prevent breakage. I never go out with loose hair style as I have really messy and dry hair, even though I will do that in special occasions. When I am doing that I will take care to put on a mousse or hair cream before and after returning I will comb hair with a wide tooth comb. I rarely use brush and usually detangle my hair with my hands before using a comb. I try different braiding style to college as this gives style and protection to hair.


I shampoo weekly with conditioner. I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner. And use Yardley hair cream. I use mainly Bajaj almond drops to give a shine to hair. I oil my hair with warm coconut oil and will do a massage. I keep this for 30 minutes before going to bath. Immediately after bathing before completely drying my hair I use bajaj almond drops as a leave-in conditioner. I change my shampoo onve ina while and use jovees honey shampoo too.


I cut my hair ends once in two months in waxing crescent, I dont know the reason but that makes the hair grow longer.i use hair packs like aloe vera gel massage and fenugreek+curd mask with gives nourishment to scalp.

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