Sunday, 11 September 2011


Oh! damn. Another breakout.

Am fed up of this breakout which is caused by a monthly visitor( you know who). Anyways as a 'beauty secret-agent' myself will kill those pimply enemies myself.
some of the routine that we should daily follow ot kill those foes of magnificent face of yours.

aahhhem.......lets look those tricky tips :

RISING SUN: get up early so that you can give gorgeous face the care it want, and plan your day.
clean your face the moment you got up. The bacterias in the bed pillows and blankets, will make your skin dull and cause acne. Change pillow covers and blankets within 3 days.

: Brush your teeth when you get up and before going out(that may be optional),but a clean mouth will give such a damn confidence.
Take a shower,to make your self fresh. If you have a dry skin then apply moisurizer to your face and body. Try tantalising deos or perfumes and MAke others happy smelling you.Make up your face, to look pretty, in a way it is.If you are going for work, keep it simple.

KEEP TOUCH-UPS handy: Keep with you a small pouch which contains touch up makeup things like
  • a lip gloss or lip stick
  • a lip balm
  • wipes
  • a small bottle of deo
  • hand sanitizer
  • a concealer
  • a comb
  • some tissues
  • minty gum or toffee, and of course a mirror. etc:-

which will help you to keep you fresh through out the day where you study or work. Take a toner, to make your face fresh at intervals. Rose water is the cheapest toner, that will make you fresh. If you want to make yourself a toner try this.
  1. Take a half piece of lemon
  2. Squeeze the juice to a bowl
  3. Mix water
  4. keep this mixture in a bottle and apply with a a cotton ball dipping.

HAIRSTYLES: Keep your hair in its on hsape curly or straight. Never go for straighteners, hot irons or curlers. Apply conditioners in shower or leave in conditioners before going out, which will keep your hair safe from pollution and dust.Make your hair according to shape of your face.Same hairstyle daily will make you boring.Try each hairstyle everyday, which will make you trendy.

: select the cosmetics for you according to the skin types and also the climate at your home. say like if your skin is dry which is like mine, go for a oily moisturizer, cream blush,etcetra.It should match your skin or else will result in a break out.Cosmetics should be kept hygienic.Brushes used for cosmetics should be cleaned weekly, and should be replaced yearly.

WATER: Drink water between every 4 hours, as water will take the toxins in your skin and keep your face nice and shine. Water constitutes main component of cells in our body. so to keep it rehydrated is as much important as to be healthy.

EXERCISE: HEAT up yourself daily, say just a brisk walk inside your home,
dancing with those small steps of yours with the back music of your favorite song.
This will improve your metabolism, i bet this will make you energetic all day long. 
As someone said "a better beginning is half done"
(am not sure about what they said)

ATTITUDE: It is attitude which matters.Be cool and smart. Think positive, when a problem arises think yourself " there is nothing in this world which cannot be solve", positive attitude will makes your face shine with positive aura. Giving others too a positive energy.

TAKE PILLS: Take vitamins tablets to improve your skin tone. take multi vitamin tablets,or vitamin e,a tablets for your skin and hair health. Am taking Hemsi pills, which increase my blood count along with supplying zinc and vitamins to my body. Its good to take pills to improve blood count, as the anemic possibilities for women is much higher than men. But it will be better to consult a doctor before taking pills yourself.

CLEANSE: Pollution everywhere will not only kill green, but our skin too. so cleanse after you return home. remove make up with make up removers.i use 'camomile make up remover'.

scrub your face twice a week. Apply facial mask to improve your skin health and make it look absolutely attractive. Face masks can be made at home with fruities and vegies at home.

Before going to bed remove all make ups and your face should be clean. Remember to fight acne, your skin should be able to breathe and should be hydrated.

Now put that pretty smile of yours on face and GO for your day.

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