Tuesday, 6 September 2011

REVIEW on POND's white beauty Daily spot -less lightening facial foam with Pro vitamin B3

POND's white beauty Daily spot -less lightening facial foam with Pro vitamin B3

hi! Am writing a review on POND'S white beauty Daily Spot-Less lightening
facial foam. This product from the family of Pond's and is available in India. My skin is really dry , not so dry on my face though, so i used
to search for face washes to make my face supple and acne free.so one day i went for a small shopping with my friends, they said to try this face wash, its
super cool. so i bought one. From then on, i just love it.
As they say it cleanses deeply for glowing  and brighter skin. And it prevents from acne to an extent.

Price: Rs 65/- for 50g and expiry is 24 months from date of packing

Product claims:( on the tube)
Pond's white beauty Daily spot less lightening facial foam with Pro vitamin B3.
This gentle foam deeply cleanses and brightens skin,transforming your complexion to a radiant, look you've always wanted.
The foams unique formula reduces dullness and brightens skin, while washing away old and weary, sallow skin cells.
Skin feels soft, smooth and sparkling clean. they say to get spot less skin use along with POND'S white beauty daily spotless
lightening cream with Pro vitamin B3.

Directions for use: To enjoy visible lightening results, Wet your face. apply to face and neck and gently massage. Rinse off.

My opinion : This product is so good. If you are searching for a skin lightening cream, use this face wash along with it. i got the result from the second day. On the very first day
i went home after shopping and washed my face with this face wash. i was worried looking in the mirror.
i could see red spots on my forehead. i thought this product is not good, yet i used the product the next day and day after that. Then i knew that
 red spots are the acne already present on my forehead, and because i used this product, my skin lightened and those small pimples
spotted brightly.
This is how the face wash look like:

 After one week those pimples were gone, and even my acne scars( even though i dont have many) vanished.
This product is worth the money spent and ya,of course its cheaper than any of the face washes available.

Its good at
 1) Lightens skin complexion
2) Really mild on skin
3) make the skin supple, moisturized and smooth
4) Need only small amount for normal cleansing
5) Really cheap and good for the money spent.
6) good smell
and has these probs
1)Need to use more amount for more oiliness
2)Not sure about the availability
3)Cap is really hard to open
4) will not effectively fights acne.

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