Sunday, 15 April 2012

LOTUS HERBALS- cherry-Lip Therapy-Lip Balm

This is my favourite lip balm ever, i have tried AVON,BIOTIQUE,VASELINE LIP THERAPY Etc: but i love this lip balm forever <3.Actually i brought biotique first for the summer, but it was a failure.Of course it give plumbing effect and all that, but if we need moisturization All these wont help isn't it? And also the summer heat had give a light pigmentation to my lips.I was the only one among my friends who dont have pigmentation on my lips(Thanks to my hereditary). So i thought i should somehow protect my lips, keep it moisturized, so thought to return to my favourite lip balm LOTUS  and bought it.

PRICE: Rs.135/- (OMG, it was Rs 80 last year)

You can see the lip balm in here,

The lip balm is red in color and had only very light tint while applying. It has a fruity smell. The lip balm is very moisturising and safe guard my lips from sun, it has SPF 15

The balm stays in lips for 3 hours with eating and drinking. It makes chapped lips soft within 10 minutes.Cracked lips need more time, may be an hour. I have applied in my lips when it is chapped and after sometime its ok.

I got the tube packing because its more hygienic.
 But the tube is utter nonsense.I know that's rude but,its true.The lip balm wont goes in when we turn after taking full lip balm out. And you can see its so small and only very less content in it.

Anyways i love this lip balm, and am recommending for those who have pigmentation on lips. It is a part of SMILE-Spreading smile for brighter future.


  1. lotus is my favorite tooo :)

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