Friday, 27 April 2012

ANIMAL PRINT- NAIL ART :: go wild.....

You all know that animal print is out there as the latest fashion theme. So here isa simple tutorial for doing those print on your pretty nails.

Things you'll need:

Any light color nail polish
Any dark color nail polish
Black nail polish
A thin paint brush
(You can take an old eyeliner applicator for this)
A clear nail polish

Light and dark nail polishes you take should be contrasting. I've taken light-ash and red color.
Apply the light color. When it dries Put dots of dark color, say two or three on each nail. Allow it to dry. Take the thin brush and draw lines around the dots. Draw some strokes too in the left spaces.
Apply a coat of clear nail polish.

Choose nail polish so that the dots should stand out.
You are going to enjoy this, am sure. If you have other ideas please share with us too, Some times your imaginations will be style themes of tomorrow :)

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