Monday, 12 December 2011


Today am going to review a product you guys would never have heard of. Its OLD SPICE After Shave Lotion.(Its a peculiar name for an After shave lotion.) 

I have taken an almost clear photograph of what the product says. I felt it like a poetry LOL.


Its a shaky picture yet, you can read it. It mainly contains alcohol.Price Rs 80/-


This product comes in a peculiar white bottle, which has a cork-stopper kind of opening. The hole at the end of bottle is having a white plastic screw like thing inserted in it. 
That plastic screw is hollow and we take the product from that hollow part. Tilt the bottle and the lotion will be there in that hollow part and we apply it directly on the part where we want to apply or else take this in a cotton ball and apply it.


Its like alcohol , watery,had that spirit form ,evaporates quickly leaving the smell.

I use this product for miner cuts on face and red bruises after threading eyebrows. Its really gives a cooling effect and the pain will vanish soon after an hour. I really like the product for the cooling sensation it gives and the smell which is really refreshing.
I always want to use this in pimples but I am afraid about the scars.
We can also use this product for what is meant to be, that is after shaving too. Small cuts will be in cleared just one day. Of course this is an amazing product in budget.

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