Tuesday, 1 November 2011


You may be thinking about 'Go Green' motto or something. But it isn't anything about it. Lemme start this article with this question, 'What will you do with those beauty products you had brought, still lying there in the cupboard because of several reasons like you got bored of using it , it does not work well, it is not good on you etcetera?'

Some of you will throw it away, but if you are thinking of what to do with those expensive things because you dont want to just put it in your waste bin..... JOIN THE CLUB.
I never liked like or will like to throw away the beauty products just like that, donno why , i never do that. If it is not worth using for the purpose it claims for use it for another. Here are some things i use like that and has results.

I had a craze about face wash and i used to try one after the other. I buy another facewash each time before the former ends. Now i have two face washes at handy. So now am using it as body wash. As it is claimed for the face, gave me a breakout, so used it on the body. It has high moisturizing effect. I will use this instead of shampoo in home pedicure or manicure water.

Shampoo is used as shower gel. Just add a bit of salt and glycerin, and almond oil if needed and you can use your shampoo as a shower gel.
Same this can be used as cleansing agent in home pedicure water. Can be used as nail cleaner too.

Use lip balm as cuticle oil, massage your nails every night before going to bed. Just turn you lip stick to lip balms by putting this lip stick and Vaseline in a vessel and keep it in microwave oven. The mixture will be in semi fluid form , then add color and fragrance.

PERFUMES/DEODORANTS: Use as room freshener. Or just to make a quick get away if someone is attacking your nasty bedroom like a guest at home....

Add Each drop of body lotion to water before taking bath. You can lock your moisture. Can use as a hand or foot massage cream too.


Use black or brown eye pencil as eye brow pencil. If it is colored use as eye shadow pencil( just shade with it and smudge, you will get that smoky effect) or lip liner.


Use as mascara. Dip the mascara brush and apply.... Just use vice versa, if your mascara is not so good, dip you eye liner brush and put it on.


Use nail polish as markers to write on different places. Nail polish removers can be used to make the nail polish back to new. Put some drops of nail polish remover in those hardened nail polish to get to back to fluid. Nail polish removers can be used to remove paints or unwanted colors on your things.


Use blush as eyeshadow. If it is a powder blush, just turn it to a cream blush.
It will make a change in the color too. Just mix this powder blush with the moisturizer cream to the amount needed. Be careful if using as cream blush, let it not give you a break out. 


Use it as a concealer. If the products is giving you a break out, just use it in body makeup.

If you have any doubt about these things, just ask it loud..... Feel free to do it,OK?
Tell me about your great ideas too.


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