Monday, 14 November 2011

Aging: fight it

Aging is a process which cannot be stopped or reversed. But we can fight it. So put that gorgeous smile on your face and keep reading. :)

Lets start with the problem of dry skin. Those who are born with dry skin they are used to it, yet drying or dehydration of skin is the first sign of aging to your skin. Your skin lose its natural ability to keep water in cells. In short dryness catalysts aging process. To keep your skin moisturized, Mix 6 spoons of petroleum jelly,2 spoons of glycerin and 2 spoons of lemon juice and apply, yet be careful when you apply it on face as it may clog pores and causes adult acne. Use mild soap or shower gels to keep your skin moisturized

When ever your think about aging the first thing that comes to your mind is wrinkles. Many of the products fight wrinkles. Apply vitamin A capsule directly on face. Vitamin A fights wrinkles and thus aging. Carrot juice is good to keep your skin younger and with the glow. Stay away from sun, use a sun ban cream or lotion before going out. Apply nourishing cream before going to bed. Apply milk cream and lemon on the face, keep it for half and hour and wash it with cold water. Apply fruit juices on face to keep it nourished, apple and guava juice is the best of all.

Tanning, age spots, blemishes are the next beauty problems. Try this
1 teaspoon oats,2 teaspoons of tomato juice,lemon juice and carrot juice, this a good face pack helps to reduce aging signs like dark spots and this lasts longer. Pea powder and honey face pack tightens face and give a glow

Hands and legs shout out each persons age. Actually aging signs first show up in hands and legs. Olive oil massage and pumice stone rub should be done daily. Paraffin wax and gingelly oil is a good foot cream and helps to avoid cracks.

For those who are the early stages of aging start using anti aging creams now. 


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