Friday, 7 October 2011

Check your NECK- Now care your neck tooo

When you are going out, may be for a party or just an outing with your family or friends,you give your pretty face the bestest makeup you can, right guys? But we usually forget some part just beneath our face,

This ignorance may give us an embarrassing moment say someone out there asks" Why is your face color and neck color so different? much makeup....uffff". Damn it, we feel like vanishing from the right spot.

Some of you guys may put the foundation you usually apply to your face, but thats just not enough for that beautiful neck of yours.We should give the same care to our neck that we give to our face.

The main issue of neck darkening of skin.The main reasons for this are direct exposure to sunlight,side effects for some pills or supplements, hormonal changes, obesity, allergy to metals of neck jewelery etcetra.Some of these causes can only be treated by a dermatologist. Otherwise we can make it out :)

Some tips for skin whitening is:

  • Applying lemon juice to neck
  • Apply watermelon juice for half an hour and wash it, try this for a week or two.
  • Mix carrot juice and cucumber juice equally and apply it.

A pack for your neck:
Take lemon juice, cucumber juice,sugar and milk. Mix this well. Apply it for 10 minutes and wash it with warm water.

Dry skin in neck is totally frustrating, and wrinkles too.....horrible. Massage with baby lotion, it will make skin smoother.massage from bottom to top and in circular motions.Apply a nourishing cream before going to bed, which will makes your neck look gorgeous.Using a moisturizer is also good.

When you are going out in sun, use a sun screen lotion to your neck too. That is to your neck, back of your neck.

A fat neck is too bad to look at. So for them who have this this simple exercise:
  • Sit straight in a chair. Now slowly look at your legs by just moving your neck.Now look above you( say if you are sitting in a room look at the roof). Do this 10-12 times.
  • Look to you left side and touch your chin on your shoulders, slowly look straight and above (say your roof).Now look to your right side and do the same.

Repeat these exercise for a slim neck.


  1. Never massage your neck in circular motion, always do it in upside down. Be careful with the oil you use, i recommend you to use light oil. Get it done in 10-15 minutes. If you go for neck spa it will be much appreciated


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